About me

My life goal is to make knowing and enjoying Christ the passionate pursuit of my heart.
I believe with all that is within me, that I am placed here on this earth for the soul purpose of living for my Savior – and perhaps dying for Him – to joy in Him, to delight myself in Him, to savor the things of God.

I am a chef – http://cheffingit.wordpress.com

I am an artist – http://paperpenink.wordpress.com

I am a sister – http://thesistersfour.wordpress.com

I am a musician – without a blog. :)

I blog from the heart – https://seekinghisreality.wordpress.com


On the lighter side…
I believe…Flip-flops are for all seasons…Cheese, dark chocolate, artisan bread and avocados are the four major food groups…Hugs are healing…I am a martian child – sometimes… everyone should look at the world from the upside down point of view at least once…fresh air is not optional…fleece pants are awesome…so are artichokes… some green is good…no makeup is cool…being real is cooler…a weed is only a weed if someone doesn’t want it there…education is best outside the class room… sunscreen is BAD…sunshine is not…fad diets are evil – so are bathroom scales…Swiss alps out do Paris streets any day… butter is healthy and makes everything better…down comforters are phenomenal… vacuum cleaners are one of the best inventions ever… online communication is lame… good sibling relationships=awesomeness… the world would be a happier place without politics and humbugs …14ers rock. Seriously. :D

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