Entirely Your Concern

In my studies on the power of prayer recently I came across this quote from one of Martin Luther’s prayers…

“I know You are our Father and our God; and, therefore, I am sure You will bring to naught the persecutors of Your children. For if You fail to do this, Your cause, being connected with ours, would be endangered. It is entirely Your concern. We, by Your providence, have been compelled to take a part. You therefore, will be our defence.”

What a sense of peace that gave me! Of course Yahweh is going to defend true and righteousness and everyone that stands for it! In knowing that I’m living out His will I have the assurance that I’m not going to end up at a dead end and have no where else to go but back. Yahweh makes a way out of no way and even though at times it seems that there’s no where else to go we have to keep walking. Like the priests who had to step into the water of the Jordan before it dried up, sometimes we have to get to the very end of the “dead end” before we find the path through the trees.


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